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My name is Ben Timperio and I'm a Filmmaker/Photographer from North Carolina. I'm very capable in either film or photography and heavily enjoy both processes. I love being creative and writing stories and then getting to make them come to life on the big screen! I've made a series of short films that have gotten into dozens of film festivals, been screened in over 40 cities,  several countries, and won many awards. My films have won awards at festivals such as Cannes and my editing has been highlighted in the New York Times.


Currently, I'm employed as a Camera Assistant at Pilgrim Media, filming the newest season of My Big Fat Fabulous Live for TLC.

I've also recently pitched my first show 'Escape Artists' to Netflix, HBO, and Hulu. Recently, my pilot 'The Legend of Alepool' was seen by Nickelodeon and was said to be "Extremely well written." 

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T- 704-877-1414

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